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High-fluffy nonwoven

High-fluffy nonwovens have a wide range of uses and applications. Modern machinery and years of experience allow us to manufacture a consistent product as well as modify its properties to comply with your needs.


Quilting Services

We offer Quilting services with the use of clients own fabrics as well as our own fabrics up to 250cm wide....


Silicone fluff ball - Twist Ball

Twist Ball is a light and soft polyester filler for pillows, plush toys, clothing and other textile products. It is produced from top quality silicone polyester hollow fibre...


Mattress Fabrics

Molga company offers mattress fabrics for mattress covers of 240-450g/m2 grammage and 240cm width.


Duvets and Pillows

We would love to introduce our clients to our own manufactured Duvets and Pillows with synthetic anti-allergic filling....


Polyester Lining

We also offer top quality PES lining in black and white in selected grammages.


Spunbond nonwovens

We offer spunbond nonwovens in a wide range of grammage, in black and white colour.


Bedding Microfiber

Microfiber is an ideal textile for production of cover sheets that will stand out with its softness and mild, pleasant in touch texture.

About us

Molga s.c.

We are a Polish family-owned company with roots reaching back into 80'. We are leading nonwoven manufacturer, quilting services provider, importer of mattress fabrics and other textiles for bedding, upholstery and clothing industry.

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Quilting Services

Wide range of standard and special patterns.

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