Polyester insulation

Polyester insulation

Polyester insulation is a key element that contributes to the exceptional insulating properties. It is the type and quality of the insulations used that determines the effectiveness of your home's thermal protection. Our polyester insulations provide a unique fit for your needs - they can be soft, resilient, supportive, low or high insulation levels.

Not only do we support your sleeping comfort, but also the quality of life of your family. Our polyester insulations are also the perfect solution for insulating pillows, duvets or other bedding items. The high quality of the fabrics we use as filling makes them hypoallergenic, anti-allergenic and approved.

What are Polyester Insulations?

Polyester insulations are state-of-the-art insulation materials whose main purpose is to improve the energy efficiency of buildings through effective thermal insulation. They use polyester fibres with unique properties that enable them to retain heat and reduce the passage of cold air. The unique ability of polyester insulations to regulate the temperature of a building's interior makes them invaluable in creating a comfortable living or working environment. The hypoallergenic properties of some types of polyester should also be highlighted, making polyester insulations allergy-friendly. Their durability allows you to enjoy effective insulation for many years, contributing to savings on heating and cooling costs.

The properties of polyester insulations are varied and include a number of benefits. First and foremost, their insulating effectiveness translates into reducing heat loss in winter and preventing excessive heat gain in summer. Importantly, their lightweight construction and easy application make polyester insulations a highly accessible material that can be freely adapted to different building spaces. In addition, their moisture resistance prevents condensation and moisture retention in the building structure. Ultimately, polyester insulations are becoming an indispensable component in the creation of energy-efficient and environmentally friendly buildings, providing thermal comfort and savings for many years of use.

Why Choose Polyester Insulation?

Excellent Durability and Exceptional Comfort:

Molga Polyester Insulation is a unique solution that combines exceptional softness and comfort, with excellent durability. Our fluffy and lightweight non-woven fabric, which mimics natural down, gives your rooms an exceptional insulating layer while providing a pleasant tactile experience. This is an innovative approach to thermal insulation that combines pleasure with functionality. In addition, our polyester insulation is hypoallergenic, making it allergy-friendly, eliminating the potential risk of allergic reactions and contributing to better indoor air quality.
High Efficiency and Easy Maintenance:
Molga Polyester Insulations are an excellent alternative to traditional natural insulations. Unlike natural materials, which can be difficult to maintain, prone to loss of properties and potentially cause allergic reactions, our polyester insulations have a much easier care and longer durability. Our unique technology ensures that the fibres are coated with a special silicone coating, which protects them from deformation and loss of fluffiness even after repeated use and washing. As a result, your insulations will retain their original shape and properties, guaranteeing long-lasting and reliable thermal insulation. Molga Polyester Insulation not only offers excellent quality, but also exceptional comfort and ease of use, which will contribute to the quality of life inside your building.

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