High fluffy nonwovens

Highly fluffy nonwovens have a wide range of applications, thanks to our modern machinery we are able to modify its properties. We frequently modify our nonwovens in order to provide a maximally refined product for your needs.

Technical specifications

Width: 150cm, 160cm
Width can be customised
Weight range: 45-350 g/m2

Composition: 100% Polyester
Technology: Heat welding

Colour: white
Quality: first, virgin fibre

Non-woven clothing fabrics

Non-woven clothing fabrics mainly act as insulation in clothing. They have very good thermal insulating properties. Thanks to many years of experience, modern machinery and carefully selected raw material blends, our nonwovens are characterised by their softness, resilience and even structure. It lays down perfectly with the cut of the garment.
We produce these nonwovens exclusively from First Quality polyesters, without any admixtures of regenerates or waste.

We also produce Siliconised Clothing Nonwovens characterised by even greater fluffiness and a more pleasant silky feel.

Non-woven bedding fabrics

Bedding Nonwovens are used as thermal insulation filling for duvets as well as pillows. They are manufactured in 100% First Quality Virgin Siliconised Hollow Fibres, without admixtures of regenerates. Hollow fibres differ from normal fibres in that they have air channels in them and are more twisted, which translates into their lighter weight and greater fluffiness. In addition, they are subjected to a heating process, which ensures that the fleece does not unravel in the product and does not lose height, always returning to its original state, even after repeated washing.

Non-woven fabrics are ANTI-ALLERGIC and are certified PZH approving them for products for children from 1 day of age.

Upholstery non-wovens

They are characterised by their resilience and compact structure. The main purpose of fleece in furniture is to make it soft and to smooth the surface material. Thanks to its stiffness, it is also ideal for filling all kinds of protectors for children's furniture, bolsters and garden cushions.

Filter fabric

The nonwoven filter fabric is characterised by its greater rigidity than the rest of our nonwoven family. The tightly welded specially arranged fibres form a barrier that filters the liquid or air, allowing larger and then smaller contaminants to be filtered first.

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