Silicone ball

Silicone ball

Silicone ball and silicone down

TWIST BALL - "Silicone Ball", "Silicone Down" is a lightweight polyester filling used for pillows, toys, clothing and many other textile articles. We produce TWIST BALL exclusively from first quality HOLLOW silicone fibres. These fibres are hollow and crimped, which further increases the fluffiness and resilience of the ball. Thanks to a patented production process, the ball retains its functional qualities for much longer.

We also produce TWIST BALL of fibres flame retardantwhich meet the fire resistance standards required, for example, in furniture manufacture.

Silicone ball for pillows and toys

Silicone down is a modern and lightweight filling for pillows, jackets, teddy bears and other textile products. Lentex ball is made of thin siliconised PES fibres formed into balls with a diameter of 0.5cm. This type of hollow twisted fibre ensures that the down is roomy, fluffy and flexible. The most distinguishing feature of silicone down is its ability to adapt to the shape of the human head. This advantage guarantees a comfortable sleep. The product is anti-allergenic.

What is Twist Ball Pillow Filling?

Twist Ball is an innovative cushion filling with exceptional properties and quality. It is a lightweight polyester filling that is used in the production of cushions, toys, clothing and many other textile items. It is a unique material that provides comfort, fluffiness and elasticity, making it an ideal solution for a variety of products.

Twist Ball filling is manufactured from first quality HOLLOW silicone fibres. These are fibres with a characteristic hollow interior and a crimped structure, which gives them extra fluffiness and springiness. Thanks to a patented manufacturing process, the filling retains its functional properties for longer, which translates into durability and high quality of the products in which it is used.

Twist Ball pillow filling is the perfect solution for those seeking exceptional comfort and support. Its qualities, such as lightness, resilience and ability to maintain its shape, make Twist Ball filled pillows perfectly adapt to the user's figure and preferences. It is a material that combines innovation, functionality and high quality, contributing to the creation of textile products with excellent performance characteristics.

Why choose the Twist Ball?

Molga silicone balls - They represent an innovative solution in the field of filling materials, known for their numerous advantages and excellent properties. The main reason to opt for Molga silicone balls is their unique structure and exceptional manufacturing process, which ensure exceptional quality and durability.

Molga silicone beads are used in a variety of applications such as the production of cushions, toys, clothing and many other textile articles. Thanks to their properties, products filled with this material are not only extremely comfortable, but also durable and resistant to deformation. This means that when you choose Molga silicone balls, you are investing in products that will retain their quality and comfort for many years.

It is also worth noting that Molga silicone balls are appreciated by customers looking for products of a high standard. Their ability to maintain their original properties and durability make them an excellent choice for those who value comfort, quality and an innovative approach to textile design and production. Therefore, choosing Molga silicone balls can be a decision that will bring satisfaction and enjoyment to everyday products.