About us

Molga s.c.

We are a Polish family-owned company with roots reaching back into 80'. We are leading nonwoven manufacturer, quilting services provider, importer of mattress fabrics and other textiles for bedding, upholstery and clothing industry. We also have our own line of duvets and pillows in wide range of colours and types.

We consistently focus on the highest quality of our services and products. All nonwovens produced by Us are made of polyester fibres pass the highest chemo-physical norms, backed by international certificates OEKO TEX and REACH as well as PZH allowing the use of our products for children below the age of 3. Thanks to our experience and modern machinery we are capable of delivering consistent first-class products.

Our non-wovens are produced through thermal bonding without the use of toxic chemicals.

We produce non-wovens,
wchich have wide range of use:

Upholstery manufacture
Clothing Industry

Quilting Services

Sepcial patterns
Standard patterns
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