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We provide service quilting of fabrics from our own and entrusted materials up to 250 cm wide. We also have a full range of quilted lining colours on offer. In our design office we can design any pattern on request.

We deliver the goods using our own transport,
or smaller quantities by courier

Quilting fabrics - Quilt

Quilting fabrics involves sewing two pieces of fabric together, usually with insulation between them. However, quilted fabrics are not only used for insulating materials, but also for aesthetic purposes. It's a great way to add variety to your home's décor and make elements personalised and unique. We meet our customers' expectations by providing them with comprehensive order support and professional optimisation advice. We quilt all types of fabrics, including mattress and bedding fabrics, linings, bedspread and upholstery fabrics, fabrics for jackets and coats and other types of textiles.

Fabric quilting is a process that requires two layers of fabric. They are sewn together and previously separated by additional insulation. This can be, for example, wool or a thicker cotton fabric. With this technique, it is possible to evenly distribute the inner layer so that the person using the finished product feels comfortable. Quilted fabric is often used in bedding, but this is not its only application. Pillows in this form and coat or jacket linings are also popular. They have an advantage over fur, wool or other types of insulation - they are definitely more durable and stronger, while guaranteeing high thermal comfort. This is particularly important for winter clothing or bedding during the colder months. At the same time, quilting looks attractive and can aesthetically enhance all kinds of designs. What is quilting? It is an elegant, comfortable and highly decorative fabric, suitable not only for the clothing industry, but also for the decorative industry. Fabrics with distinctive patterns look great in both classic and modern interiors. The structure will provide warmth through quilting, as a layer of insulation, such as soft cotton or other material, is inserted between the two quilted fabrics. The fabric layers are evenly distributed and the insulating fabric does not change its position.

In the process, a very beautiful and interesting pattern was created, which has been known to our customers for generations. What is quilting? One of the most practical and widely used methods of insulating a fabric is quilting. The fabric then acquires not only visual qualities, but also provides warmth for the user. Companies specialising in the production of fabrics using modern quilting machines now offer unlimited possibilities.

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