High-fluffy nonwovens

High-fluffy nonwovens have a wide range of uses and applications. Modern machinery and years of experience allow us to manufacture a consistent product as well as modify its properties to comply with Your needs.

Specification of Non-wovens

Width: Standard 150cm, 160cm
We can adjust the witdh to Your needs.
Range of Grammage: 45-350 g/m2

Composition: PES (Polyester Staple Fibre) + LMF (Low Melt Fibre)
Technology: Thermobonding

Color: white
Quality: Virgin fibre, first class

High-fluffy nonwoven for clothing

They play the main role in thermal insulation of Your products. Our non-wovens have very good thermal insulation properties. Thanks to many years of experience, refined manufacturing process and specifically selected top quality polyester fibre, our nonwovens are characterized by their softness, resilience and consistently even structure. It fits and adjusts perfectly with the shape and movement of the clothing. We only use virgin quality raw materials and do not add regenerated or impure additives.

For clothing, we also produce silicone nonwovens that characterize with even greater fluffiness and pleasant soft silk-like feel to it.

Bedding nonwovens

Perfect to use as thermal isolation lining in duvets and pillows. Manufactured from 100% first class hollow silicone virgin fibre with no regenerated fillers. Hollow fibre differs from regular fibres in a way that they have empty air tubules inside and are crimped therefore it is lighter and fluffier than regular polyester fibre. During the manufacturing process it undergoes a thermal bonding which guarantees the nonwoven to have stable height and strong wear and tear resistance. It will come back to its original state even after multiple washes.

These nonwovens are antiallergic and are certified with PZH certificate which makes them good for products for babies since the 1st day of life.

Upholstery nonwoven

Characterized by its resilient and compact structure, it gives the furniture the soft feel as well as smooths out the surface material. Thanks to its stiffness it is often used in wide variety of children furniture protectors and garden cushions.

Filtration nonwoven

It is the most rigid type of nonwovens we offer to our clients. Higher temperature during the bonding process and specifically layered fibres create a filtering barrier for air or liquids, removing bigger and then smaller particles.